Food Fair: A food frenzy.

Caprese salad is a simple, traditional, Italian salad originating from the region of Campania. With three primary ingredients of, tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil the straightforward salad mirrors the three colours of the Italian flag. Over the years, Caprese salad has not strayed far from it’s traditional roots in Campania like other Italian dishes.caprese-salad-10608-1.jpg

The preparation is as simple as you would imagine. Both the tomatoes and mozzarella are sliced into fine pieces and arranged in overlap of mozzarella and tomato. The basil leaves are placed on top, and seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Caprese salad has been a salad my family has enjoyed since I can remember. My first cooking experience involved the assembly of the Caprese salad for our entrée. It was like my mother had just given me the task of looking after a puppy. The responsibility and excitement I felt was immense, a feeling like no other in a four year olds world.

I thought Caprese salad was an excellent choice for the food fair due to the nostalgia I experience when eating, preparing or even thinking about the starter (I’m even smiling while writing this!).

Making the dish was most definitely not as challenging as it was 15 years prior. The chopping was completed in a quarter of the time and the assembly even less. However the little stacks of tomato, mozzarella and basil tasted just as marvellous.

Restricting myself to only eating every second piece was the single challenge I experienced throughout my gastronomical endeavour.

The reception of the Italian classic was immense. My class mates seemed to enjoy the Caprese Salad as it was gone the a blink of an eye.


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