French delights.

France has many notable regions with varying specialties, culture and identity.

Limousin is located in central France and is renowned for its beef, fresh water fish, chestnuts and fruit. Historically Limousin faced substantial poverty so locals learnt to use and adapt local ingredients in their cuisine. Thus much of Limousin’s identity is based around the respect of produce in the food industry.


Due to the vast array of available produce, Limousin is known for their entrees, mains and desserts. Flognarde is a traditional apple cake that has been adapted from the famous Cherry Clafoutis when cherries were not accessible. The progression of Clafoutis to Flognarde highlights the French’s modernisation of traditional recipes into ‘Haute Cuisine’.

The primary ingredients of Flognarde are apples, sugar, flour and eggs making for a deliciously simple and light dessert. Traditionally any fruit can be used in the Flognarde according to seasonality, however apple is the fruit of choice as they are typically hard allowing for simple storage and care. Thus the cakes success can be attributed to the versatility of ingredients available in Limousin.

Flognarde is symbolic of Limousin cuisine as it exemplifies the notion of utilising seasonal, fresh, local produce. The adaptable cake represents Limousin’s upmost respect for local, quality ingredients, while historically signifying the use of available products.

Apple Flognarde is not quite seen as a delicacy in modern Australian cuisine, however many apple flan recipes are based on the historic favourite. A simple google search of Apple Flognarde recipes results in hundreds of varying recipes, exemplifying a desire for the cake outside of Limousin. Despite originating from Limousin, Flognarde can be found throughout the majority of France with the dessert being served at many restaurants within Paris, Marseille and Toulouse.

It’s not quite a crème caramel, but this lighter alternative is sure to please.


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