Italian creations.

With over 20 regions, Italian cuisine is arguably the most popular cuisine in the world. The likes of pizza and pasta are consumed in all countries around the world with an abundance of Italian restaurants found in most cities.


Sardinia is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean sea and it’s renowned for it’s enormous diversity in terrain. From scenic, jagged coastline, to picturesque mountains, Sardinia’s cuisine is a combination of land and sea. In the past Sardinia’s coastline was prone to invasion, provoking the people to move to the mountains to seek safety. As a result most of the cuisine was based on ingredients obtainable from the land as apposed to the sea. In more recent times seafood has been increasingly incorporated into traditional dishes, resulting in huge diversity in its regional cuisine.

Each region throughout Italy has unique pasta shapes, dishes and combinations however regionalism is less prominent compared to other European countries. Malloreddus alla Campidanese is the hearty pasta dish of Sardinia. The unique striped shell appearance of the Malloreddus is paired with sausage, tomato and saffron creating a deliciously warming meal.


Maloreddus alla Campidanese is significant to Sardinian identity as it differentiates Sardinian cuisine from other regions due to the pasta’s unique shape. Additionally the tomato and sausage are sourced locally emphasising Sardinia’s use of available, sustainable ingredients. This in turn increases economic stability within the island and promotes a safer food supply. By utilising local produce the island of Sardinia is able to support families and businesses by keeping money close to home.



Many Malloreddus recipes can be found within Melbourne. Gourmet traveller, Saveur and sbs, are just a few of the websites to post varying recipes. Additionally, Malloreddus is on the menu in select Italian restaurants throughout Australia and the dry pasta can be bought from varying delicatessens and fine food shops.

As expected, Malloreddus has made its way out of Sardinia and is enjoyed by many throughout most Italian regions. Those who enjoy the pasta dish can clearly characterise it with Sardinia due to its unique shape.






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