Basque goodies.

Welcome to the Basque country!paisaje-vasco3

With rolling hills and picturesque coast line, the Basque country is arguably the most notable culinary region in Spain. With a unique culture and extraordinary cuisine, a focus on fresh, local produce is seen within this colourful region. With significant regionality, traditional dishes found in the Basque country are wildly different from those found elsewhere.

Within the Basque country lies San Sebastian, the best city to Europe to eat, and one of the only cities with a cuisine of its own. Pintxos is the city’s food culture of choice, with fresh seafood from the Cantabrian Sea features predominantly .  With a proud focus on “fresh”, bars that do not use local ingredients simply do not survive.


Pinchos Salmon Con Queso y Anchoa, also known as salmon, cheese and anchovy pinchos is a dish linked to the basque country, specifically San Sebastian. The simple dish with only four ingredients is a flavour bombshell that is sure to please most palates. The local salmon and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea showcase the fresh regional ingredients for which the Basque country is so renowned. This dish is usually presented on a fresh slice of crispy baguette and held together by a tooth pick (or pinchos).

The socialisation properties of Pintxos are magical. The small portions allow foreigners and locals alike to bar hop and “graze” throughout the evening enjoying young white wines and each others’ company.

Pintxos has spread throughout the world, however the Pinchos Salmon Con Queso y Anchoa and pinchos specific to San Sebastian has not reached far past the Spanish/French borders. Long bars full of the Basque delights can be commonly seen in large commercialised cities throughout the region. Indeed in Melbourne, Pintxos can be found in a few bars/restaurants however the pintxos do not have a focus on seafood ingredients to the degree seen in San Sebastian.

With more Michelin stars for the population than any other city in the world, it would be remiss to not explore the famous San Sebastian gastronomy.





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